We believe being compliant should not stand in the way of building a high performance culture. We approach compliance with “Yes you can“.


Managing your recruiting process is what we do. From “What do I need?” to “I cannot believe it is only 90 days“, we make sure everyone joining your team fits within your culture.

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When you believe HR is about people, skills and behavior, then we can make sure that your people can be at their best to create a high performing organization.

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Do you believe that Human Resources should be about being responsible for the workforce that reaches your business goals? Are you looking for a business partner that can help you reach those goals? Let's grab coffee or lunch, and we can discuss how we can support your organization with the most innovative HR services in New England! You decide the location and time, we will pay the bill. What do you have to lose?

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Unconventional Places to Network

Chances are you’ve been invited to the conventional meet-ups, the groups, the conferences, that are organized with networking in mind.  Attending these events are like-minded professionals in similar industries usually for a presentation with cocktail hour.  Some thrive in these types of settings, while others dread them.  To make-up for this, it is beneficial to seek out alternative places […]

Why Annual Performance Reviews Don’t Work

The annual review process is often seen by both the manager and the employee as a necessity. However, when performed correctly it can hold significant opportunity.  The annual performance reviews are dreaded by all parties, employee and manager.  It’s a fact.  The two most dreaded interactions managers have with their employees are the performance reviews […]

5 Small (and Fixable) Reasons Your Resume Isn’t Getting The Attention You Want

Have you ever had the feeling that you do have the work experience for the job you are applying for, but do not get any calls from recruiters or hiring managers? It might be that your resume is to blame for this silence. The good news? There are some easy fixes that you can do to increase attention. Here are 5 easy to fix mistakes on resumes, and this is how you can fix it.

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