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We believe being compliant should not stand in the way of building a high performance culture. We approach compliance with “Yes you can“.


Managing your recruiting process is what we do. From “What do I need?” to “I cannot believe it is only 90 days“, we make sure everyone joining your team fits within your culture.

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The Human Resources Academy

The Human Resources Academy for the HR Professional who is ready to take on an innovative HR Project. Follow our training, implement your next big idea. From harassment prevention programs, to data analytics to recruiting processes. Check it out.

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Organizational Structure: Think like a big company to be more effective

When taken the time, an organizational design will improve the workflow of your organization. Higher productivity and more engaged employees are the results of careful planning of the organizational tasks.


Why Annual Performance Reviews Don’t Work

The annual review process is often seen by both the manager and the employee as a necessity. However, when performed correctly it can hold significant opportunity.  The annual performance reviews are dreaded by all parties, employee and manager.  It’s a fact.  The two most dreaded interactions managers have with their employees are the performance reviews […]

5 Interview questions that reveals (almost) everything.

We are often asked for a sheet with standard questions, and although it really not exists. I do realize that when I go an interview I seem to ask 5 questions over and over again. The reason being they give me so much information about the candidate, how they work, what their preferred work environment […]

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The Human Resources Academy

Our Human Resources Academy delivers on-demand guidance for your most challenging HR Projects. We have programs on topics of harassment prevention, recruiting, performance management and data analytics. Check it out! Visit our site here: Visit!