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When you just need to be able to ask a question or get some help for a few hours. We are here. With HR on Demand. Specialist help for just the right amount of time.


We believe being compliant should not stand in the way of building a high performance culture. We approach compliance with “Yes you can“.


Managing your recruiting process is what we do. From “What do I need?” to “I cannot believe it is only 90 days“, we make sure everyone joining your team fits within your culture.

HR Outsourcing

When you believe HR is about people, skills and behavior, then we can make sure that your people can be at their best to create a high performing organization.

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Free Coffee!

Do you believe that Human Resources should be about being responsible for the workforce that reaches your business goals? Are you looking for a business partner that can help you reach those goals? Let's grab coffee or lunch, and we can discuss how we can support your organization with the most innovative HR services in New England! You decide the location and time, we will pay the bill. What do you have to lose?

From our Blog

It Is Hot! Prevent Heat Exhaustion

Do you love the summer? It is a great time to enjoy the beach and spend time around the water. But the summer has also a downside. It can get hot. According to OSHA Every year, dozens of workers die and thousands more become ill while working in extreme heat or humid conditions. More than 40 […]

Organizational Structure: Think like a big company to be more effective

When taken the time, an organizational design will improve the workflow of your organization. Higher productivity and more engaged employees are the results of careful planning of the organizational tasks.

Unconventional Places to Network

Chances are you’ve been invited to the conventional meet-ups, the groups, the conferences, that are organized with networking in mind.  Attending these events are like-minded professionals in similar industries usually for a presentation with cocktail hour.  Some thrive in these types of settings, while others dread them.  To make-up for this, it is beneficial to seek out alternative places […]

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