360 Feedback – Employee Surveys

How do you know that what you think you are trying to accomplish is really viable? The 360 feedback where employees can give feedback to the business owner and/or manager is a tool that can build a trusted relationship where employees give honest feedback to help grow the business, steer the direction and provide input on how the leadership style is perceived and received. 360-feedback and employee surveys are valuable only when those sessions are tailored specifically to the businesses and their current goals.
The year-after-year the same questionnaire is a thing of the past; a customized questionnaire that produces action items that are measured along the way, is the way to engage employees and strengthen the leadership’s management skills.
But what if you only have 10 or less employees? Is a written 360 feedback program still valuable?
Cultural Chemistry works with small businesses and understands how to transform existing proven methodologies and models to fit your-size company. We tailor the questions to your organizational culture. This way we’re not measuring something irrelevant but what is really affecting the individual business. We like to spend our energy solving the root causes.