10 Most Common Labor Law Violations in 2014

Ever wondered what the New Hampshire Department of Labor finds when they are auditing businesses? They publish the top 10 violations each year. Be prepared and make sure you understand what to do in order to prevent any of those violations.

1. Failure to pay all wages due for hours worked, fringe benefits, breaks less then 20 minutes etc.

RSA 275:43 and Lab 803:01

1. Failure to pay all wages due for hours worked, fringe benefits, breaks less than 20 minutes, etc.

*RSA 275:43 and Lab 803.01

2.Failure to keep accurate record of all hours worked.

*RSA 279: 27 and Lab 803.03

3. Failure to have a written safety plan, joint loss management committee and safety summary form, if required.

*RSA 281-A:64 and Lab 602.01, 602.02, 603.02, and 603.03

4. Employment of Undocumented Workers Prohibited

*RSA 275-A: 4-a

5. Failure to secure and maintain workers compensation coverage and misclassification of employees.

*RSA 275:42 I & II and RSA 281-A

6. Failure to provide written notice to employees of their wage rate, pay period, pay day and a description of fringe benefits, including any changes.

*RSA 275: 49 and Lab 803.03

7. Failure to pay 2 hours minimum pay at their regular rate of pay on a given day that an employee reports to work at the request of the employer.

*RSA 275:43-a and LAB 803.03 (h),(i),(j)

8. Illegal employment of workers under 18 (not having proper paperwork, hours violations, or working in a hazardous environment).

*RSA 276-A: and Lab 1000

9. Illegal deductions from wages.

*RSA 275: 48 and Lab 803.02(b),(e),(f)

10. Failure to pay minimum wage for all hours worked.

* RSA 279:21


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