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Ask these 4 question to develop an awesome workforce

 Without a clear goal, your team will go nowhere. Here’s how to identify and communicate your business’s objectives to keep everyone inspired.

Stir your team to succesDo you ever have the feeling that your workforce is just doing a job, but doesn’t seem to be engaged? Often times entrepreneurs are extremely excited about their organization and its purpose, but don’t feel that their employees understand the purpose and because of this don’t feel the excitement. Instead, it feels as if they are just sitting in a job.

Have you ever asked yourself the question, why am I doing this? Filling out a form for another government agency, signing 10 papers at the bank…you’ve probably done it, but not without some hesitation. Think about your employees. Do they know why you are in business? Do they understand your vision? When employees understand the purpose of the organization, they will be more likely to understand how they can contribute to that success and be more willing to do so.

Why are we in Business? (Goal)

Fist, bring your team in and start by posing the question “why are we in business?” Make sure that they have a clear and simple understanding of the purpose of the organization. The more the purpose is focused on (Ex: green living, housing for the needy,helping small businesses, etc.), the more engaged your employees will be.

What are we doing to get there? (Plans)

When you have this 10,000 foot overview, help them to see the paths that will get the organization to its desired destination. Ask yourself, what processes are in place to get there? What products or services are being delivered to get to the goal? What is the plan for the next 1-3 years? Once this is realized you can help to guide your employees to the destination you’re reaching for.

What  can you do to support the plans? (roles and tasks)

When each team member understands the bigger picture and the desired course of action to attain success, then they will begin to show enthusiasm for their work.  Sit back and watch your employees realize how their job impacts those plans. Let them come up with 1 or 2 things that they can do to support the organization in their own unique and meaningful way.

What’s in it for me? (Rewards)

Rewards are important. When you know what you will get at the end, or at important mile markers, it will get you through some rough patches. That will work for everyone. Perhaps it will be the check that came in that you didn’t expect, or the bonus was higher then you expected, or even as simple as a thank you card for a job well done from a manager. Everyone works better when there are rewards. What are the tangible and non-tangible rewards for your team members? When they can name the rewards and understand what they must do to help the company  it helps you help them when times get tough.

When you have done this exercise with your team members and have goals set in place don’t forget to coach them so that they can reach their goals and when they do, don’t forget to celebrate!