5 Small (and Fixable) Reasons Your Resume Isn’t Getting The Attention You Want

Have you ever had the feeling that you do have the work experience for the job you are applying for, but do not get any calls from recruiters or hiring managers? It might be that your resume is to blame for this silence. The good news? There are some easy fixes that you can do to increase attention. Here are 5 easy to fix mistakes on resumes, and this is how you can fix it.

  1. You Only List Job Title/Location/Time

Including a list of all your past employers isn’t enough for the recruiter or hiring manager to get a feel for what your experiences are. Include a brief list of what you have done during your time at each position. This will help to show how you can bring value to the organization.

As a recruiter, when I see a list of employers and no detail, it makes me think the person didn’t care enough to include what they did wasn’t relevant. Be detailed here, use numbers, and don’t forget grammar!

  1. Your Resume Isn’t Visually Appealing

Even if you aren’t a visual person, your resume must appeal to the viewer. Get rid of awkward white spaces and choose a font that is easy to read Don’t write too big or too small, this can be distracting. Too much color is also distracting. Don’t include a picture of yourself! It is tacky and takes up too much space.

Print out your resume, take a look at it. Give it to someone for another opinion on how it looks. Is it presentable? Is it really the best is can be?

  1. You Don’t Tell What You Can Do For the Company

Although what you have done is important, it is even more important what you have accomplished. Make sure that you tailor your accomplishments to the job you are applying for.  Examples can be for a project manager in construction: delivered projects with a sales volume of $75k on time and in budget.  Do you see the dollar, it really helps us to understand what volume you have been working on.

An other example would be for a production supervisor: Increased productivity by 15%, delivered by working with my team of 25 line workers to decrease waste and waiting time. Again two numbers 15% and 25.


  1. You List ‘References Available Upon Request’

This is outdated and is a waste of space. Employers will reach out to references if they are interested in you later in the hiring process. Mentioning they are available upon request is stating the obvious.

  1. Your Education Section Is a Mess

Don’t include your GPA if it isn’t great. 3.0 or higher. Don’t abbreviate your school name because the hiring manager may not know what you are referring to. Be clear, but don’t include too much detail. You got a degree and that’s what matter most!

Colleen Carey

About Colleen:

Colleen works as a recruiter and employer brand designer at Cultural Chemistry. She knows how to create an amazing employer brand for her clients, and then matches the talent to their openings. Any questions for Colleen?  She can be reached by calling the office at (603) 518-8676 as well as at her email,ccarey@culturalchemistry.com.Learn more about Cultural Chemistry on our website