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The employee handbook – From boring to engaging

Receiving a compliment from a client“This was so much fun, I really enjoyed it”. This is the comment of my client that is going through the process of getting a brand new employee handbook.  We just finished our 1.5 hour initial discussion. This is an important step to understand the company culture, those things that makes this company special.

We cannot build a handbook behind our desk, so we meet often with our clients, as did I with this particular always smiling woman. The majority of our time together was spent on what her company had done to connect with their employees. She explained how employees initiated the move to the next generation software that clients requested. Management would not have considered this if the employees had not brought it up. And on the other hand how much fun they had with their weekend get away’s and how it increased the team spirit.

For many people HR is not fun. In their experience HR only tells you what you cannot do. We want to focus on what we can do, and how we can build a great company you are part of. We believe that starts with a redesigned handbook.

Personally I believe HR should be an enabler, making sure that there is nothing in the way to have employees come up with great ideas to help the company succeed and support manager with ideas to engage employees. Coming up with tools and approaches to eliminate roadblocks and bring Human Capital Management where it belongs on the work floor.

While we are discussing the culture of the organization with our clients we try to understand what an organization does that makes them great. And when we know what makes them great, and what roadblocks they are facing on their journey to be great employer, then you can build a handbook that focusses on the good and provide tools to handle the bad. You can eliminate rules that will not apply to them, add preferred behavior description that matches their company culture and make the employee handbook a marketing tool for current and new employees.

Walking out a meeting while receiving the comment “this was so much fun”, is for me the greatest compliment I can get. It means that one person understands HR and is willing to join us on our Journey to change HR to Human Capital Management.

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