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Hire Right: Interview Skills

Interview for the right employeeThe statistics are daunting: 46% of newly hired employees will fail within 18 months. Of those people 89% failed because they didn’t fit in the organizational culture. Just imagine how many hours you need to reinvest to find, train and coach the successor.

During the interview Skills Training we provide you with tools and theories to get to know the candidate during the interview process. We will focus what questions to ask so you get to know the person behind the resume without asking questions you can’t ask. We will also show you how to avoid  the candidate that will tell you what you want to hear. When you walk out the training you know how to improve your interview technique. After three/four weeks you will come back for about an hour to discuss what went well, and what could be improved. We share success stories, and each other pains, so that we all can learn from it. This session will be scheduled during the class.

We encourage participants to share their own experiences of their current recruiting process. We will give immediate feedback and tips to increase the effectiveness of your recruiting process.

By attending the training you will gain a better understanding on:

  • How to select an employee who will fit in the organizational culture.
  • What are the right questions to ask during an interview.
  • Three questions to get answered to know who to hire.
  • Pro and cons of using personality tests.
  • How to get them to tell the truth.
  • How to know what the training needs will be of the candidate.
  • When to walk away from a candidate.
As a bonus: All attendees will have the opportunity to take a personality test, developed for the US Navy and a selection tool for their Marines. A $135.00 value

Who should attend:

The Hire Right training is designed for small business owners and (HR) managers who are actively managing the recruiting process and are looking to reduce the time and cost and increase the success ratio of the hired candidate.

About Hire Right

Hire Right is a collection of educational seminars, webinar and social media support training program focused on the recruiting process. Cultural Chemistry’s “hire for life” workshop style training focuses on finding the employees that fit your organizational culture and values.We discuss four major steps in the recruiting process and how you can improve each of those steps in your own recruiting process to increase the quality of the candidates. By delivering skills and experience you are able to manage a recruiting process yourself and will find an employee that fit your organization and will stay for the company as long as possible.Seminars that are offered under the Hire Right program are:

  • Recruiting 101 – A strategic approach to the recruiting process
  • Interview Training – how to manage a face-to-face interview (this session)
  • Candidate Selection – how read resume’s, develop description of key success factors, background screening and know when to walk away
  • On-boarding – how to get of to a great start with any new hire and reduce turnover
  • Candidate sourcing – how to source for candidate effectively – social media – branding – application forms – automation of the application process


Want to learn our vision on recruiting. Download our white paper on recruiting here

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