Internship Marketing – Education focus

Are you ready to change the way we work?

Cultural Chemistry is a young human resources consulting organization that is committed to leading the way in social responsible human resource management at small and mid-size business right here in New Hampshire. Cultural Chemistry’s culture is focused on social responsibility and being an engaged corporate citizen. Our success is based on our belief that when we support our employees to continually grow their skills and engage them in improving our services to our clients, we as a team can “wow” our customers. We are all passionate about what we do.

This year we launched The Academies to deliver a development need to professionals. The Academies consist out of 3 hour training programs   combined with on the job training and are based on the open enrollment philosophy. We deliver the training from our training center in The Millyard in Manchester.

Who are you?

You are a student who is enrolled in a sales/marketing or HR/Educational program at a college or university. You want to be part of a new movement, and you want to take control and see how start-ups make things happen right here in Manchester. You are looking to bring your knowledge from the classroom into the workplace and see how the workplace and your learned theories can work together. You are bright, a fighter and reliable.

What we have to offer:

An internship were you will bring your theory into practice. You will work on spreading the word of the Academies (marketing activities), organization the workshops (making sure coffee and chairs are at the right place at the right time), and registrations and trainers are confirmed (financial management). You need to be able to translate the innovate way we train professionals in an engaging marketing campaign. We are looking for your insights and we want to share with you our experiences.

You will have the opportunity to work with our faculty and our staff to get the Academies on the map.

Are you ready to join our team? Then fill out the application form here: