It Is Hot! Prevent Heat Exhaustion

Do you love the summer? It is a great time to enjoy the beach and spend time around the water. But the summer has also a downside. It can get hot. According to OSHA Every year, dozens of workers die and thousands more become ill while working in extreme heat or humid conditions. More than 40 percent of heat-related worker deaths occur in the construction industry, but workers in every field are susceptible.

There are a range of heat illnesses and

they can affect anyone,

regardless of age or physical condition.

When we work with our clients we see that employers understand that it is hot, and over the years we have heard many creative solutions to make sure that their employees stay safe and cool while at work. Here our top 5 of idea’s

Water & Gatorade

It is so simple. Make sure that every morning it is part of the morning routine. One employee fills up the water dispenser or water bubbler.  The Home Depot sells great Orange water dispenser that even can hold cups. Better yet, hand out water bottles to employees.

As a manager make sure that you hand out water during the day, employees will then understand that you are serious about their wellness.

Then talk about Gatorade. It contains a lot of sugar. Do you want to provide the water a little flavor? Simply add some fruit to the water dispenser. If you cut oranges in parts and put them in the water dispenser you have a nice flavor without adding sugar to your employee’s diet.

Ice cream

Everyone loves Ice cream. From sending over the ice cream truck to your workplace to buying a few boxes of popsicles, it provides a moment of cooling down and connection. For a few bucks, you can check in with your employees and cool them down. The smile on their face is just a bonus.

Neck Visors and Head wraps

Neck visors and head wrap made of treated fabrics block UV rays, wick away sweat, and stay cold when wet. These provide workers with relief from the heat by keeping their heads and necks cool. You can buy fabric that also protects your employees from insects (insectshield). Either buy non-branded in cool colors or buy them in your brand colors. Everyone will understand that you take their health seriously and it is ok to also be a little bit fashionable at work. A little catwalk on how to wear the head wrap the best will put some fun in the workplace.

Cooling inserts

Wearing a hard hat in the summer is the perfect way to keep your head cool! You can buy special cooling inserts for the hard hats. Place a cooler with spare inserts so that employees can change them out during the day. Amazon has many in stock. 

OSHA Heat Safety App

It is easy to underestimate the risk of overheating. One company added the OSHA safety app to all company smart phones. This app together with proper training of the managers created an open environment where employees and manager proactively worked together on preventing of overheating.

I-phone users can download the app here: 

Android users can download the app here