Lean HR – overview of Lean Materials

Are you ready for your Lean HR Journey?

On this page you can find some resources for your Lean Journey. Please note that you can download all materials and use in your organization,

You might want to start with the review of the presentation.


When you would like to learn more about the terms in the Lean World  we can recommend this website, or the Lean Lexicon from Lean.org.

The website Lean.org is a great resource for materials, books and generic training.

If you would like to start with a value stream map. Feel free to use our training slides.

(email us if you would like to receive Powerpoint or PDF files of any of these documents.)

We support organizations who are ready to implement a Lean Organization. With our help, organizations have been able to improve their processes, increased engagement and productivity. Resulting in higher customer satisfaction and increased profit margins.