4 Reasons Professionals and Job Finders Need LinkedIn


Don’t have a LinkedIn profile? Sorry, but you’re already late. Here is what you are missing:


Jobs are a click away

When you have your major or field of interest listed on your LinkedIn profile, your news feed will show you jobs in your area that may be the perfect fit for you. You can read the job description and apply right from LinkedIn using your profile as a virtual resume. This is a lot easier than searching on multiple job sites all day long and not being able to find a good match for yourself.


Companies find you

There is no doubt that hiring companies will reach out to you. If you have a degree and experience under your belt… hiring professionals are searching for people like you to join their teams! Jobs that you didn’t even know were out there can be offered to you just because of a statement or job experience listed on your profile. Just like when you are searching for jobs, people are searching for candidates. LinkedIn makes it that much more efficient for you and employers to find each other and connect.


You can sell yourself

Getting hired is no longer just about having a nice resume and cover letter. All of your accomplishments and experiences are out there for the world to see if you have a LinkedIn account. You can impress the right people by having a profile that lists everything you have to offer for a company. Anyone can look at your information and accomplishments, making you visible to recruiters, headhunters and hiring managers. Also, by connecting with more and more people, your personal brand with spread and the odds are that you’ll impress the right people… the people with job opportunities waiting!


Your network lives there

Remember that business owner you met at last year’s networking event? Well times have changed and you no longer have to find his business card when you need to call him. Instead, connect on LinkedIn and have his contact information forever! Don’t forget that he also meets a lot of people and collects a lot of business cards so not only can he check out your profile, but he also connects you with people otherwise out of your reach. One good connection can go far and you can get your dream job just by meeting and connecting with the right people through the right network. People will never forget your face or what they learned about you when you are connected forever.


These just a few reason why having a LinkedIn profile really matters. So register now and start connecting! Your dream job awaits you.


About Colleen:

Colleen is an HR Assistant who began her journey at Cultural Chemistry as an Intern while still in college. She now focuses on recruiting amazing talent for her several clients. She can be reached by calling the office at (603) 518-8676 as well as at her email, ccarey@culturalchemistry.com.Learn more about Cultural Chemistry on our website.

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