Orchestrate Organizational Culture

Organizational Culture: What is it?

Quite simply Organizational Culture is how things are done.  It is the combination of the skills and values of everybody in your organization. Sometimes tangible, at others subliminal; organizational culture is the sum of the business ethics built up step by step since the business formed from every interaction with employees, suppliers and clients. It is how things are done.

Good organizational culture brings efficient practices, improved margins, great reputation and a happy and productive workforce.  Poor culture leads to strife, conflict and wasted resources.

When people in your organizations have different ideas on how to run the organizations, why they come to work and how customers should be treated, you leave a lot on the table. We can increase the success of your organization by bringing your employees together. When everybody in the organization works toward the same objective, underwrite the purpose of the organization they will be more engaged and more productive.

By using existing human resources processes and tools in a new way to bring your employees together and align them to to organizational strategy and the owners vision, the organizational culture will be strengthened. Many human resource tools that are currently being used are standardized and not adjusted to the organizational culture you would like to create. This is why you need a fresh look, think outside the box ( or maybe even blow the box up). It will help you see how you can mix the elements that will create the culture that fits your business.

Changing the idea on how Human Resource tools and procedures can be used more effectively isn’t easy. But when you reach your destination, you will find a strong organization that grows, able to adjust to in- and outside variables.   Employees will be highly engaged and feel cared for, so they can care for the organization. To get to the destination quickly keep these steps in mind:

  • Compare your organizational values with company actions

If you feel that the organization cares for their people, but at the same time you find that in your organization that your employees are being let go, as soon as they have to absent, maybe you need to figure out some leave policies that allows your organization to care for your people, while at the same time filter the one, that cares only for them selves and don’t think about the company.

  • Make employee development a priority

When people feel that they can grow, learn from mistakes and are being valued by the organization they are ready to give back. By developing your own people, you can create an organization that fits your people. It will be easier to find the right staff, as you will be prepared and know when you need to hire somebody.

  • Make your employee handbook unique

Is it a handbook that is uniquely designed to fit your organization, or is it full of legal jargon and little of things that makes your organization special? There is no law that states you need one, so make one that fits your organization. All the legal required rules that needs to be published can be published some where else.

  • Describe your culture in your job posting

People are pack animals. We like to surround ourselves with like-minded people, so think about the personal touch. What in your culture is important to you, and makes your organization unique. The quality of the responses to a job posting will  increase immediately when you describe those unique factors in your job posting.


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