HR Professional on Call

Things always seem to pop when you least expect it, or when you don’t have time for it. We understand. An employee doesn’t show up for 3 days in a row, your business grows faster than expected and you need to hire somebody now. You just had a thought that you want to bounce off of somebody. We are here to help, planned or unplanned!

With an Human Resources professional on  call – HR on Call – you have access to a specialist when you need it.

  • Solving current issues quickly

Most entrepreneurs didn’t go to school to learn how to manage their workforce. And people take unexpected jumps. Our services are focused on educating you as a business owner on how to handle day-to-day issues and planning for the future. When you need somebody to ask what to do next, pick up the phone and call us. We know your business and will give you immediate support over the phone or on site as needed. At the office or the construction site, we travel when you need us.

  • Building a long-term strategy

Planning for the future is hard, and often times we forget to plan because we are too busy with today. To provide for regular feedback and forward-looking moment we  meet regularly to discuss the company’s strategy, the developments of your employees and challenges you face. When you need to hire an employee or have to improve the performance of an employee, we can immediately take action and make sure you have the tools and skills to be successful. As we are in constant contact, we can give advice on upcoming workforce related challenges even when you don’t think about it. Over the course of the year we coordinate the performance review with the employee and managers development plans and support you with skills development and succession planning.

Through our website you have access to our “members only” area, where you have access to white papers, links to other organizations and can connect with other members to discuss your workforce development challenges.

The HR on Call takes over the HR function of the company, following processes that are already in place while working to improve them. The HR professional on call is a specialist in organizational & employee development.

Having HR on Call is as if you have your own Human Resources Professional in your company.

Wondering how we can help you build a strong team and improve your margins? Give us a call, or send us a note.