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Performance Review

The review process is often seen by both the manager and the employee as a necessity. However, when performed correctly it can hold significant opportunity.
The standard performance review focuses on the written job description, but think about what happens if we build a performance review around the employees capabilities and passions. If you talk about where the employee wants to be, and you as a manager can be the coach to grow the employee. Is growing the employee not the primary goal of the review? We think so.

Cultural Chemistry’s Performance Review Program supports the manager in one-on-one review technique training, development of the review template and  aligning the review criteria not only to the needed skills of the role but also to needed behaviors of the organization. This process will enhance the development opportunities of the employee, create a common objective to make the right moves and ferret out the real issues.  It will become clear if it’s a skills or culture issue.

In the employee performance review process, Cultural Chemistry is most often responsible for, or engaged in:
  • Guiding the entrepreneur on the development of guidelines and standards for the performance review process.
  • ›Developing skills and delivering theoretical background to the manager to enable him/her to review employee performance and develop a plan that fits with the company’s vision and the employee’s personal goals.
  • ›Deliver coaching and training to enable the manager to effectively discuss employees performance in relation to needed skills and company vision & culture.
  • ›Provide assistance in the creation of development plans for the employees. This includes providing an overview of  training opportunities.
    at community colleges, developing on the job training and advising on job shadow programs.
  • ›Develop templates and training materials for the performance review process, to improve knowledge transfer inside the organization.›