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Regulatory and other Requirements in 2015 – First Quarter

Always wondering what you have to report? Here a little update. Found another deadline? submit it to us, so we can add it to the list.


  • Labor poster update in NH. Download it here. And while at it check your federal posters with their Poster Advisor
  • OSHA: Expansion of injury and illness reporting requirements:
    • Within 8 hours: all fatalities
    • Within 24 hours: all work-related hospitalizations to any employee, all work-related amputations, all work-related losses of an eye



  • Earned Income Tax Credit Notification: Employees need toprovide employees abouttheEITC thiscan be done:
    • in person
    • Electronically by email
    • Flyer that includes paystub
  • IRS notice 797 can be used for this purpose (not mandatory)


  • FORM LM-10 filing
    • The Labor-Management Reporting and Disclosure Act requires that employers must file form LM10 within 90 days of the end of its fiscal year reporting specified financial dealings with unions or union offices. Find the form:

I have another deadline that should be on this list!

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