Onboard Employees Like a Rockstar | Breakfast & Brain Power

Did you know 16% of new employees leave their job within one week of being hired? Basic onboarding includes a long list of HR forms that need to be filled out, but does that build a great employee or teach them anything about your business?  Taking the time to excite new hires and show them […]

Recruiting on a Dime

Are you are responsible for finding the best people for your company? Do you feel like you don’t always find the right people or that you are always paying a ridiculous amount of money to your temp agency or headhunter? You might be going about it the wrong way… During our Breakfast and Brain Power session […]

Breakfast & Brain Power delivered by Cultural Chemistry

Write a better handbook

Have you ever asked somebody what they think about their employee handbook? Maybe even the one you just handed to them? How often do they actually say that they enjoyed reading it? What is the biggest frustration that you face when it comes to the use or, maybe better, misuse of employee handbooks? Mirjam IJtsma […]

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Small Business HR – Think like a big corporation!

Small Business Human Resources Implementing big company processes into a small organization on a budget A few years ago I became involved with a small, owner-operated construction company that was building our dream home. One day when I was visiting the construction site, Ridgeview Construction Owner Shane Carter, invited me to join him for lunch […]

Breakfast & Brain Power delivered by Cultural Chemistry

HR for non HR – professionals

You didn’t get into construction to become an HR expert. But overtime things have changed and you realize that staying abreast of all the compliance issues while managing engagement issues with your employees seems to be in the way of doing business.

Join us for breakfast and we will not only feed your stomach, but also your brain with information.

Breakfast & Brain Power delivered by Cultural Chemistry

Develop an HR Strategy that works

We all have heard that HR needs a seat at the table, but by simply sitting in the board room, we don’t get automatically a voice. How do you become a valuable business partner to the Executive team. This will only be possible when you have are able to design and implement an HR Strategy that will align with business objectives, available talent and with a budget.