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Write a better handbook

Have you ever asked somebody what they think about their employee handbook? Maybe even the one you just handed to them? How often do they actually say that they enjoyed reading it? What is the biggest frustration that you face when it comes to the use or, maybe better, misuse of employee handbooks? Mirjam IJtsma […]

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5 tips to improve your employee handbook

How long has it been since you reviewed your employee handbook — or since your employees referenced it?

When employee handbooks are correctly developed and implemented, they can serve as a sourcebook for both the managers and employees. Unfortunately, employee handbooks often are not crafted in the right way, and as a result collect dust on a shelf.

Breakfast & Brain Power delivered by Cultural Chemistry

HR for non HR – professionals

You didn’t get into construction to become an HR expert. But overtime things have changed and you realize that staying abreast of all the compliance issues while managing engagement issues with your employees seems to be in the way of doing business.

Join us for breakfast and we will not only feed your stomach, but also your brain with information.

Four things to look for in an effective employee handbook (That will not collect dust).

How long’s it been since you reviewed your employee handbook? How effective is an employee handbook that you don’t use? When employee handbooks are correctly developed and implemented they can actually serve as a handbook for both the company and the employees. Unfortunately often times the handbook is not crafted in the right way and […]