Three questions to find your passion

There are times where contemplating what you what to be in life can have you frustrated. Whether you are headed to college, Do it with Passion - HR - Cultural Chemistry
just graduating, or 5 years in a career that just doesn’t feel like the perfect fit for you, not knowing exactly where you see yourself can be tricky and confusing and you will end up questioning everything.

When questioning everything, these are a few questions that you can ask yourself  that are actually going to help you figure out what direction you should put your life in, career wise.

What am I best at?

Ask yourself this question and make a list of the things you have been great at your whole life or maybe just the last few months you discovered that you were great at them. The things that you are great at and have proven to be successful in are the things that come naturally to you.

Why do I enjoy doing?

Now, make a list of things you enjoy doing. Keep it focused on career–enjoying going out on the weekends is not something to make a note of here 😉

What truly makes you happy when you do it? What activity or accomplishment makes your day?


What are you good and do you enjoy?

Now, look at the two lists and compare them. What are you good at and do you enjoy? Let say on your first list it states that you are good at writing and feel confident when you write. On the second list it says that writing is also something that make you happy when you are doing it. This shows you that, whether you have considered a career being a writer or not, that writing is something that could be perfect for you in your career path. Writing comes naturally for you and you feel that it is something you can be proud of. Why not make a career out of it and develop your skill even further?

People can often focus on what they have been told they should do for work or what makes the most money, but, as they say, doing what you love will never feel like work. Listen to your gut and follow your passions, no matter what career path you previously thought you should go down. If you combine what you love to do with what you are best at, you will be both happy and successful in your career path, and those are two of the most important things in life, aren’t they?


Colleen Carey

About Colleen:

Colleen works as a recruiter and employer brand designer at Cultural Chemistry. She knows how to create an amazing employer brand for her clients, and then matches the talent to their openings. Any questions for Colleen?  She can be reached by calling the office at (603) 518-8676 as well as at her email, [email protected].Learn more about Cultural Chemistry on our website