Tools to improve Employee Engagement

When following the three conversations to improve engagement, you might wonder how can you increase the effect of the conversations you have with your employees. When thinking about increasing employee engagement we would recommend focusing on these three tools to increase your success.

Measure early and often

What gets measured gets done is the saying. And that is absolutely true for making a change. Start with measuring when no change happens yet, so you can see the change. Don’t be afraid to measure to often. The more frequent you will measure the more engaged the employees will be. And as mentioned before the task of tracking the data, should belong to a team member, not a manager.

When the change becomes visible in the numbers, it will encourage employees to start thinking about how to improve the numbers.

Celebrate Success (often)

When numbers come in great, don’t forget to celebrate it with the whole organization. Even if the improvement program was only focused on part of the organization, the whole organization will benefit from their success. When a great success is celebrated, that taste for success becomes a contagious disease. And that is what we call employee engagement.

Celebrate success to show appreciation of the work that employees have put into the success. When thinking about celebrating success, think about the effort that people put into it, not only the outcome. When a major roadblock needed to be removed, to get to a next level, than that is worth a celebration.

A celebration should always be publicly and can come in the form of pizza lunches, a publicly “thank you”, a $25.00 gift card the acknowledgement is the most important part.



When employees need to be engaged, engage them. Communicate programs on every medium you can think off, spread the word by letting employees tell the story, not the manager. When employees read their own story, they believe in it. When employees read stories written or told by other employees they feel that they can ask that employee questions on how to get into this great program. Make sure that everybody knows about it. You might think “they know”, but they don’t.

When thinking about communication, also think about how long to communicate. Don’t stop at the top of the program, show your employees what happens after a half-year and a year, make sure that the change is embedded in the culture before you stop communicating.

Communicate often and more often.