Cloud-Based HR Software

Our HR software—Cultural Chemistry Central—is the foundation for all our HR outsourcing solutions.

Cultural Chemistry Central is a compliance system, document management system, and HRMS all in one. Cultural Chemistry Central comes configured with road-tested, ready-to-use content that is customized to your needs.

Created and maintained by seasoned HR consultants, our cloud-based HR software stores all your HR data in one central, secure place.

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No upgrades to buy, ever.

Cultural Chemistry Central is licensed on a subscription basis. Updates are free, frequent, and automatic. What’s more, the platform allows plug and play flexibility with a network of partners for specialized functionality to support growth.

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All employee data in one place.

Cultural Chemistry Central organizes all of your employee data in one place. Log in once—from anywhere—to gain access to all of your HR systems from payroll, to performance reviews, to time off requests. Information, reports and documents are flexible and configurable so employees and managers always access compliant and appropriate data.

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Empower employees to help themselves.

With Cultural Chemistry Central, responsibility for key HR tasks is spread across your organization so managers and employees can easily do their part. Time-off approvals, performance reviews, and even candidate screening no longer rest on one central person or team. Bottlenecks are removed, and managers who are best equipped to make decisions are empowered to do so.

Cultural Chemistry Central allows employees to access their own HR information, and key company information, at any time.

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Cloud-based technology means worry-free HR.

Cultural Chemistry Central is cloud-based, meaning you can access it from anywhere, anytime. Our HRMS securely stores all your HR data and documents so you don’t need to worry about backups or lost data. There’s no hardware or software to purchase or maintain.

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Make decisions based on data, not guesswork.

We put the power of information in your hands. Cultural Chemistry Central’s reporting capabilities allow clients to view, analyze and make evidence-based decisions using the most relevant and up-to-the-minute data available. Leverage information to move your organization forward, faster.

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Keep institutional knowledge with your institution.

When institutional knowledge rests on your employees, your most valuable business asset is at high risk. With Cultural Chemistry Central, your work processes, policies and HR information is retained in the cloud, so you can rest easy and your workforce can focus on doing their jobs. Our flexible alert system maps key dates and events to ensure that nothing important is forgotten, even when turnover happens.

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