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Looking to start a career in the Boston area? Find below some resources. If you would like to have your resume reviewed, or have a discussion about your career ideas, like starting your own business, feel free to email Mirjam at If you are a member of the NAF, or attended the NAF -Partner Event there is no charge for the consultation.





A few more tips from the web:

The magic three

We talked about three answers you can prepare that can answer most interview questions. The three questions you need to be able to answer are:

  • What has been your biggest challenge/hurdle and how did you solve it (similar  What is your weakness and how are dealing with that)
  • What is your strength, how did you use your strength/
  • What is a project you managed that you are very proud off

If you have written down those three answers, try it on this list of questions

Always think about

  • How can things you accomplished in the past help your new employer
  • What is the problem your new employer wants you to solve, what experience do you have to be able to do that
  • Numbers, numbers, numbers. We love them.

Please leave out

We don’t want to hear things that will put the hiring manager in an awkward situation. Like

  • Complaints about your past employer
  • When asked for cultural differences, focus on the positive difference, not the things you don’t like,for example
    • In America is the glass half full
    • People are about accepting people from other backgrounds
    • Food or restaurant you love
    • The choice you have, no matter what you want to do
  • Don’t talk about politics (REPEAT DO NOT!), religion, drugs, same sex marriage, abortion, war, discrimination, family planning, the role America plays in the world, patriotism (if it is negative)

The recruiting process is finding the candidate that fits the needs. The recruiting process is not focussed on screening people out. This means that you need to explain why you meet their needs. See my blog here

More and more companies are looking for a cultural fit. It is important that you understand the culture before you go into the interview. Visit their website, know the culture. Look them up at / LinkedIn / Facebook / Google (great for those company outing pictures).


Starting your own business:

Tools and resources to learn more about entrepreneurship, including online training and guides.

Feel free to connect with Mirjam to discus your business plan and share experience on starting a business in the US from the ground up. Other great network opportunities

  • Chamber of Commerce
  • Incubators
  • Trade associations


Business Cards: If you use them, make sure they look professional, don’t use a one size fits none approach, or the free cards, the shows on the back the logo of the company that paid for it. If you don’t need a lot does a really good job. If you need a lot (for example when you start your own business) I can recommend

Logo – Stationary: We used the Logo Factory for the logo of Cultural Chemistry. They offer a ton of options for a reasonable price. They try to sell the printing to you when it is done. Sometimes the price is good, sometimes is better (uprinting seems always better when it comes to business cards)


Feel free to send Mirjam a quick email with any questions!


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