Our Approach

The Human Resources function:
Strategic or administrative? Proactive or defensive?

Human Resources processes and policies should energize and engage employees (think Apple, Google, Zappos, Dyn or your favorite local small business), not encumber their work or suck the energy out of them.

We’ll redefine what Human Resources means to your business!

Cultural Chemistry provides experience and in-depth knowledge for managing people. We can navigate employment compliance issues and build human resources processes that will reduce staff turnover and increase profitability.

If you feel that you can do more to grow your business, please talk with us. We help small businesses improve performance and increase profits by aligning employee attitude & skills, organizational processes, and legal (labor) compliance requirements.


Good Organizational Culture

Is about why things are done. It’s about the attitude, the approach and the application of talents. Organizational Culture is the amalgamation of beliefs, traditions, behaviors and processes in an organization. It is built step by step from every interaction with employees, suppliers and clients.

The effect of culture on organizations – large and small – is profound. Poor culture leads to higher turnover, lower productivity and conflict. Good organizational culture fosters efficient processes, improved profit margins, great reputation and a happy, productive workforce. Cultural Chemistry excels at developing great Organizational Culture for small and medium sized organizations.

We help you, as the manager or business owner, align the aims of your people with those or your organization; to work together through combined strength, to maximize opportunity and minimize waste. We’ll show you how to put people first thereby improving staff retention and profit margins.

We’ll help you to improve relationships with your employees, customers and suppliers through improved communication, positive reinforcements and aligned mission, vision and goals.

As our work together advances, you’ll be able to turn a group of individuals into a colorful, high performing team that delivers high quality to your customers.

Connect with us to discover how you can build a strong team