Why you don’t read your own employee handbook (and what you can do about it)

I bet you have never read your own employee handbook completely. Many haven’t and I totally understand. Most employee handbooks are boring. They are not really handbooks. They are a set of rules put together and start off with a boiler plate “hello, thank you for working for us” story of the owner of the company. It has nothing to do with handbook. A handbook tells you how to do things, but an employee handbook often times only tells you how not to do things.

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The employee handbook – From boring to engaging

“This was so much fun, I really enjoyed it”. This is the comment of my client that is going through the process of getting a brand new employee handbook.  We just finished our 1.5 hour initial discussion. This is an important step to understand the company culture, those things that makes this company special. We […]

Four things to look for in an effective employee handbook (That will not collect dust).

How long’s it been since you reviewed your employee handbook? How effective is an employee handbook that you don’t use? When employee handbooks are correctly developed and implemented they can actually serve as a handbook for both the company and the employees. Unfortunately often times the handbook is not crafted in the right way and […]