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Training: providing you with the tools to grow your company

When managing a small business, you wear many hats. The more skills you have, the more you don’t have to outsource. And that saves money and increases efficiency. Cultural Chemistry is always focused on increasing skills at their clients so that they can manage their human capital themselves. We do this by coaching and by […]



Under the Affordable Care Act (Health Care Reform) ALL businesses must notify their employees by October 1, 2013 with a “Health Insurance Marketplace or Exchange Notice”. This notice details to the employee whether the employer will be offering employee benefits, or be sending the employee to the exchange to shop for health insurance.

All employers, regardless of the number of employees, are required to provide their employees with this notice.

Internship – HR – Employment Law

An internship were you work on a new software tool, that will support both the in-house HR manager staying compliant , as well as the HR Consultant who provides HR Audits for their clients. You will be managed by our founder Mirjam IJtsma and work with our software partners. You work in the Millyard at times that are convenient for you, and with a team of students and professionals who are all passionate about what they do. When you don’t mind that we might bring our dog to work, provide you with food and drinks and are ready to do something amazing in our industry, then we are looking for you.

Internship Marketing – Education focus

Cultural Chemistry is a young human resources consulting organization who is committed to leading the way in social responsible human resource management at small and mid-size business right here in New Hampshire . Cultural Chemistry’s culture is focused on social responsibility and being an engaged corporate citizen. Our success is based on our belief that when we support our employees to continually grow their skills and engage them in improving our services to our clients, we as a team can “wow” our customers. We are all passionate about what we do.

This year we launched The Academies to deliver a development need to professionals. The Academies consist out of 3 hour training programs combined with on the job training and is based on the open enrollment philosophy. We deliver the training from our training center in The Millyard in Manchester.